New Launch!

We are a sister pair looking to share our love for design, photography, teaching and more!

Apparel for creatives by creatives!

A little more about us

Welcome to Pink Prism Designs – where creativity meets passion in a symphony of colors and designs.

Thank you so much for checking out our work. Let us introduce ourselves:

**Emily, the Visionary**

Emily, a full-time photographer with a love for coffee that knows no bounds. You will generally always find me with an Starbucks Americano in hand!

My passion for photography began as a kid, yes, I was that kid in school with a disposable camera in hand all the time! As graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Business & Accounting running and helping small businesses. As a full time photographer, firefighter wife, and dog-mama, I've always believed in capturing life's moments with authenticity and creativity. When my favorite shop closed, I seized the opportunity to expand my passion for design into Pink Prism. Here, I bring to life not just photography-themed apparel but also pieces that resonate with my experiences as a fire wife, Michigan girl, dog mama & more.

**Elizabeth, the Strategist**

Meet Elizabeth, my sister, best friend, and now my business partner. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Elizabeth is a talented high school media teacher, molding young minds in the art of news production. With her degree from MTSU and her fresh ideas from teaching, she brings a unique perspective to Pink Prism. Her expertise in market research and writing is the yin to my creative yang. Together, we're a dynamic duo, dedicated to taking Pink Prism to new heights.

**Our Story**

Growing up in Michigan, we weren't just sisters; we were best friends. Elizabeth's move to Tennessee for college was a turning point for us, but it only strengthened our bond. During a recent brunch in Scottsdale, over delightful appetizers and mimosas, we realized the potential of combining our strengths. I shared the challenges Pink Prism was facing with the original shop owner's return. But, in true sisterly fashion, Elizabeth encouraged me not to give up. Instead, she offered her skills to complement my design expertise. That's how our partnership was born – out of a shared dream, a mimosa toast, and a promise to make something beautiful together.

**Our Mission**

Together, we're embarking on this exciting journey to revamp Pink Prism Designs. Our mission is simple: to create designs that resonate with photographers, fire wives, Michigan natives, teachers and everyone in between. We believe in the power of storytelling through apparel, and we're committed to making Pink Prism a brand that stands for creativity, quality, and a touch of personal flair.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can't wait to share our creations with you!